26th Sep 2018

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Little Kids Tsukihoshi Navy Kid Glitz Berry Sneaker Girl's Toddler Balatarin, which means the highest in Persian, is the most popular web 2.0 website in Persian. It helps its users to find the best links on the Internet that interest Iranians around the world. Registered users can post links to interesting articles. Those links initially go to the recently posted page. Once a link gets enough positive votes, it is moved to the top of the front page, which provides more visibility. Balatarin has played a crucial role in the pro-democracy movement in Iran. Many of the human rights abuses were publicized on Balatarin for the first time. Many of the initiatives and ideas were formed by the users on Balatarin. Iranian government has numerous occasions blamed Balatarin along with Facebook and Twitter as the plotters of the election demonstrations in Iran. Censored and blocked in Iran by the Iranian government, Balatarin has a wide readership in North America, Europe and Middle East. Balatarin is believed to be the largest Persian news destination outside Iran. Balatarin has a completely unique point (credibility) system that prevents it from running into problems that similar websites such as digg.com have run into. Each user has a credibility that increases over time based on the activities and contributions of the user to Balatarin. The amount of the credibility of each user in turns determines their level of allowed activity in each 24-hour period. This prevents overactive, inexperienced, or malicious users from lowering the quality of Balatarin. This credibility system allows distinguishing between authentic and fabricated user-submitted news. The authenticity of many news coming out of Iran has been investigated by the large network of Balatarin's users. Balatarin is the first web 2.0 website in Persian. It is developed using Ruby on Rails. It was launched on August 16, 2006. It has been one the top 20 most visited websites written in Ruby on Rails.

Traffic information

Berry Kids Navy Glitz Toddler Kid Tsukihoshi Sneaker Girl's Little Berry Sneaker Kid Kids Glitz Little Toddler Tsukihoshi Navy Girl's Based on internet averages, balatarin.com is visited more frequently by males who are in the age range 25-34 and have No children.

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4,546,700 visits over the last 30 days

Miscellaneous information

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    Kids Navy Sneaker Girl's Tsukihoshi Kid Berry Toddler Little Glitz RdBwqS Kids Navy Sneaker Girl's Tsukihoshi Kid Berry Toddler Little Glitz RdBwqS Kids Navy Sneaker Girl's Tsukihoshi Kid Berry Toddler Little Glitz RdBwqS